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PDF's written by: Jershwano


Untitled_Artwork 36.png

Note on page 11: wormhole/bh visualization is not simulated/accurate due to blender not having 4d ray tracing etc. Wormhole is a mirror ball panoramic render of the quark star/bh event. It’s only close recreation (but not accurate) of a wormhole I could get compared to the Morris-thorne. Sort of like the one seen in Interstellar -I then rendered another nebulae scene and put the mirror ball render on top of it. -the black hole & and quark star were made with refractive materials & and the particle system. With vortex forcefields and turbulence forcefields -the bottom render is the quark star/bh event but in the equirectangular render. It is also to note that the universes in these artwork(s) have different laws of physics

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Skip Section I if you read it already from another pdf**


Some example videos on the pdf cannot be loaded and can be found in the video below


ARTWORK 7&8 design/creation process video:


Comp 1_4.gif
Screenshot 2023-09-24 at 11.39.09 PM.png
Comp 1_7.gif

Nebula/cloud node setup


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