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Time crystal watch "COR"  design/creation process video:



watches designed/created by: Jershwano
animations by: Jershwano
Concept by: Jershwano
Concept under r&d*


Comp 1_1.gif

Night "jewels = stars"

Day = "Gold/Sun"

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Time crystal watch "GG"  design/creation process videos:

Diamond Scorpions "November = Scorpio"

Prarie Crocus = flower of Manitoba

IMG_8185 2.jpg

GOLD= representing the golden boy of Manitoba, will be made from the same material

Blue Diamonds representing "snow, winter days in 204"





Image by: Charles Gaudet

Jets logo

Sketch was is flipped*

Untitled_Artwork 42.png

Diamond Golf Ball

Five Handed watch, Inner Hands = Weeks & Month

Screenshot 2023-11-10 at 7.40.18 PM.png

Sketch designed/created by: Jershwano

Screenshot 2023-11-10 at 6.52.53 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-11-10 at 7.57.00 PM.png


[1]Time crystals are physical systems whose time translation symmetry is spontaneously broken. Although the spontaneous breaking of continuous time-translation symmetry in static systems is proved impossible for the equilibrium state, the discrete time-translation symmetry in periodically driven (Floquet) systems is allowed to be spontaneously broken, resulting in the so-called Floquet or discrete time crystals. While most works so far searching for time crystals focus on the symmetry breaking process and the possible stabilising mechanisms, the many-body physics from the interplay of symmetry-broken states, which we call the condensed matter physics in time crystals, is not fully explored yet. 



Time Crystal info [1] & [2] image from New Journal of Physics, Lingzhen Guo & Pengfei Liang


[3] Schematic of creating a space-time crystal. (a) A possible structure of a space-time crystal. It has periodic structures in both space and time. The particles rotate in one direction even at the lowest energy state. (b), Ultracold ions confined in a ring-shaped trapping potential in a weak magnetic field. The mass and charge of each ion are M and q, respectively. The diameter of the ion ring is d, and the magnetic field is B. (c), Examples of the pseudopotentials (Vext) for a Be+9 ion in a quadrupole ring trap (solid curve) and a linear octupole trap (dashed curve) along the x or y axis


it is not known yet if time crystals can be used for timekeeping*

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