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The Wano-Bishop ring is a hypothetical space habitat/station designed by: Jershwano and originally proposed by Forrest Bishop of the Institute of Atomic-Scale Engineering. It is similar to the O-Neil cylinder (visualized in the film Interstellar) but has a smaller cylinder height. Usually, Bishop rings are depicted as massive planet-sized structures but to save resources and costs, this version "Wano-Bishop" is much smaller as its diameter is the length of the Brooklyn Bridge. (the ring on the left is larger for visuals)



Bishop rings are a better alternative to planet colonization as they are mobile space stations and can be moved to other places, In a scenario where the sun has become a red giant and a time where wormholes are a possibility we can use these as vehicles to move far away or to other planetary systems with planets similar to earth.

Other consequences of planet colonization are unknown living beings/creatures that may be extremely dangerous & undiscovered deadly viruses.


Unlike Mars, a bishop ring can simulate the same gravity on Earth by creating an inertial force (rotation) to create artificial gravity. Humans evolved and adapted under the gravity of Earth. Microgravity can have negative long-term side-effects on humans such as bone/muscle loss & a change in fluid dynamics in the body such as the function of the cardiovascular system and other organs.



Artificial gravity (visualization not mine)


Each section of the bishop ring will have 4 single-storey residential structures built on the inner side of the section. Each residential structure will have solar panels on the roof for power. Each bishop ring will have at least 2 medical centres.

Some sections of the Wano-Bishop ring will have magnetic poles to create an artificial magnetic field to protect from radiation.

Once humans have access to more resources we may build better or bigger bishop rings with an artificial atmosphere retained by gravity to completely simulate a habitat like Earth. 



My fashion design concepts include a helmet that will have an apple vision vr feature with oxygen support. The clothes/fabrics will act as protection against radiation. outfits like these are to be worn in space-like conditions such as the Wano-Bishop ring as the ring will not have an atmosphere.


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Construction on building this ring is still being planned as I am still learning the aerospace engineering area, but small sections will be built on Earth than using multiple rockets it will be assembled in space.


Design is subject to change.
Concept is still under development

animations by: Jershwano



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Wormhole is not accurate representation**


Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 11.43.53 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 11.42.44 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 11.42.08 AM.png

Textures, 3d assets, animation created by: Jershwano


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