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Design is subject to change.
Concept is still under development

WANO-TEC Matrioshka brain designed/created by: Jershwano 

Concept by: Robert J Bradbury & Jershwano

animations by: Jershwano



How to simulate another universe using neutron stars/ is our universe/ are we simulation?


A matrioshka brain is basically a hypothetical stellar computer that will generate extreme amounts of processing power which may allow it to have the potential to simulate another universe without any lag


The matrioshka brain will be powered by a neutron star or a black hole.


Usually the matrioshka brain is designed using spheres but the one I designed here composes of rings made built from asteroid material. The first inner ring will absorb the energy of the star and will release waste heat when computing. The waste heat is then absorbed by the other outer rings for computational power.


-since the matrioshka brain will be able to simulate universes it is possible that everything in this universe and everything we experience right now could be simulated by a higher/advanced civilization. 



WANO-TEC Matrioshka raw design/creation process video:

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