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Jershwano space station will carry modules that contain "exotic matter" that will then be shaped into a ring. This ring acts like a brace to keep the wormhole open as gravity will cause the wormhole to collapse. This also contravenes the ANEC (Averaged Null Energy Condition). This structure is purely hypothetical.



Designs are subject to change.
Concepts are still under development

Concepts designed/created by: Jershwano

animations by: Jershwano

Jershwano space station raw design/creation process video:

Comp 1_6.gif

Jershwano Space Ring Station is a space station concept that would be one of the alternatives for human colonization to Mars (other alternatives include, bishop rings, O'Neill cylinders etc.). The space station is basically like an 84-storey tower bent into a ring.


Mars is not a good idea for human colonization for several reasons. One is that Mars has low gravity. Low gravity can create negative long-term side effects on the human body such as bone/muscle loss, osteoporosis, a change in fluid dynamics in the body, cardiovascular issues and can impact fertility/infertility


Another reason is radiation risks. Earth has a strong magnetic field that can protect us from space radiation and solar wind. Since Mars has a weaker magnetic field, humans on Mars (without a suit) will be at risk for cancer, radiation sickness, DNA damage and degenerative diseases.


Terraforming Mars will also be a big challenge due to many limitations such as toxic soil, reduced light levels, radiation, gravity etc.


The atmospheric pressure of Mars is lower compared to Earth so your blood will boil on Mars


Human missions to Mars can be useful for studies/research purposes or resource mining but attempting to make Mars a home could be a waste of resources and time. Space stations such as this or space habitats such as the bishop ring could be a better alternative.


The Jershwano space station is designed like a ring as it will mimic Earths gravity by artificial gravity [radial acceleration]. The space station is modular and comprises of modules and will be assembled like lego pieces. Some modules/units can be multipurposed [residential, medical etc.]. Sections & modules of the space station will be folded like origami so it could fit inside rockets. If any failure or catastrophic disaster happens the space station could detach modules/units.


The biggest advantage of the space station other than gravity as it could be maneuvered from threats such fast moving celestial bodies like giant asteroids. Or when the sun becomes a red giant, the Jershwano space station will be able to travel to other habitable planets lightyears away if wormholes were a possibility.


The space station will have a artifical magnetic field to offer protection from radiation for civilians on board. 


Since energy on Earth is limited, the space station will be refuelled by Wano-Dyson cells [a version of the Dyson swarm concept by me] which will capture energy from our sun or nearby stars when travelling long distances.


It is best to spend our resources and our time researching and developing on space stations/space habitats that can replicate conditions on Earth as us humans have evolved to adapt to these such conditions. There will be alot of engineering challenges but the best part is that these stations are mobile and until we can find a habitable planet identical to Earth we can move these stations. If we want to be a type II civilization we must start now.

Jershwano space station engines 

Jershwano space station units/modules

Jershwano space station artificial gravity  [radial]


Jershwano space station var.2 

Jershwano space station var.2 raw design/creation process video:

Comp 1_7.gif
Comp 1.gif

Other footage:


Jershwano space station var.2 w/ grass field module

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Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 6.49.06 PM.png

Wano-Dyson swarm


Wano-Dyson cell design/creation process video:

this will also be used to sell fuel the wano-tec asteroid mining program & to other industries 

Comp 1_3.gif
Comp 1_1.gif

Not accurate*

Carrier demonstration short:


Designs are subject to change.
Concepts are still under development

Concept designed/created by: Jershwano

animations by: Jershwano

Jershwano space station units/module interiors [noisy renders]

Old designs:

Comp 1.gif
Comp 1_7.gif

V1. November 1st 2023

V2. December 20 2023

V3. Jan 4th 2024

Screenshot 2024-02-02 at 1.19.34 PM.png


Screenshot 2024-02-02 at 1.19.14 PM.png

**Planet & Planet textures I made are similar from (page 22)

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